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Phone: (440) 327-4422
Fax: (440) 353-1168
Transportation Supervisor
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William Yonkof
Head Mechanic
Please note: it is suggested that parents who are calling about non-emergency items wait until the hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as this is when bus routes are not taking place.

Transportation Sign up for New Students

Transportation sign up for new students can be done by filling out the New Bus Rider/Address Change Form. Please note you must first complete the registration process and be enrolled prior to requesting transportation. To enroll your child at North Ridgeville City Schools you must complete an enrollment packet for each student and schedule a registration appointment. An appointment can be made by calling Central Office at 440-327-4444. After completion of the registration pack and appointment families should follow up with the bus garage within 3-5 business days to confirm the transportation start date and assignment. District enrollment/registration forms can be found here.


Changing existing transportation/adding transportation for current students

If your address has changed, or you are an existing student that would like to have transportation (and is eligible for transportation) please fill out the New Bus Rider/Address Change Form and e-mail it to the transportation department.


Variance form (alternate drop off/pick up location)

If your student requires a pick up or drop off (5 days per week) location that is different from the current home address a variance form needs to be completed. The variance form can be found through the parent portal. Remember this is a permanent change to the pick up or drop off location (such as a babysitter or daycare) and cannot change from week to week. Access to the parent portal can be found here.

The mission of the North Ridgeville City Schools Transportation Department is to provide a safe, reliable and efficient method of transportation to and from school for each of the students under our care.
For questions on bus routes, please contact 327-4422

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