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Previously asked questions...


Will there be a library in the new school?

There is not a traditional looking “media center”, but there WILL be books. Currently the libraries in our buildings also serve as the computer labs. One thing we will not have is a traditional computer lab with the rows of desktop computers. One of the big reasons is because our technology is becoming more mobile and incorporated into many parts of the curriculum today. There will be areas in the building that are tech heavy that will allow for the students to work in small and large groups using tablets, laptops etc. There will be books throughout the different grade level wings as well. We will still have our library staff, the ability to check out books, environments for the students to read books, but it will look a little different than what we have now in regards to a library/computer lab combination.


Where will the tornado shelter be located? The elevator? Will the windows be bullet proof?

We will have three elevators in the building. One will be located in the community lobby (near community lockers), one will be located in the elementary commons area, and one will be located near the main entry and will service the middle school wing and the lab spaces. In regards to bulletproof glass, there are glazing systems that will withstand certain caliber of bullets, but the system is priced well out of the range of our budget. Security and safety of the building has been discussed and considered every step of the design process. It is estimated that this building will have well over 200 cameras throughout the spaces, which is a big improvement over what we currently have with our buildings.


Why is NRCS working on Ranger Stadium first? Wasn’t the new school the main purpose of the bond issue?

Yes! The new school is still the main focus for the administration and board of education. The administration is working on both the school and the stadium right now. Currently we have an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) posted to receive applications for an architect. The architect selection process can take anywhere around 60 days. After an architect is selected we enter what is called the design phase. This is where we actually start to design the facilities. The district has started creating focus groups for both the school and the stadium that will be part of the design phase. These focus groups consist of staff members, city leaders/officials, business owners, and residents of North Ridgeville. The design phase for both the school and the stadium will start at the same time. The school has several areas to design and plan: classrooms, eating areas, computer labs, security features, outdoor learning labs etc. A stadium has far fewer things to design: concession stand, seating etc. Because of this, the design phase will be much longer for the school than the stadium, allowing the stadium to move at a faster pace.


What is the OFCC and the OFSC?

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), formed in September 2012, consolidated the operations of the former State Architect’s Office and the Ohio School Facilities Commission. OFCC is responsible for guiding capital projects for state agencies, state-supported universities and community colleges, including Ohio’s comprehensive public K-12 school construction and renovation program.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission continues to exist within the new consolidated agency and is focused on programmatic issues related to funding K-12 construction projects. The authority to approve, award and administer design, construction and other specialty contracts now falls under the umbrella of the new Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.


What will happen to Liberty Elementary?

Liberty Elementary will receive a new roof. (The cost of the new roof was included in the cost of the bond issue.) The district stated during the bond campaign that Fields-Sweet Elementary would be taken out of service and that the new facility would serve students in grades 3-8. These two changes would require some reconfigurations in the buildings. Any changes would not take place until the new 3-8 facility is complete and operational.

Fields-Sweet Elementary-out of operation

Lear North Elementary- kindergarten

Liberty Elementary- first and second graders

New Facility- third through eighth graders

Wilcox Elementary- out of operation

Middle School- out of operation

High School-remain the same


Why are the new buildings going to be two stories? For safety reasons, isn't a one floor plan more feasible?

The exact configuration of the building will not be determined for several months. The project site will have a big impact on the exact dimensions of the building. A site evaluation will be done once an architect is selected. It has not been decided yet if the building will be two stories or not. In addition to the site evaluation, student needs, technology, and curriculum will also have a large impact on the building design. UPDATE: The school will be two stories. A single story building would cost more and take up significant space on the site- that would limit what could be done in the future.

Will the new stadium have a natural turf field or an artificial turf field? 
The new stadium will have artificial turf. There are several different types/kinds of artificial turf. The district will consider all of the options including the positives and negatives of each kind and make a selection based on what we need in regards to use of the field and longevity of the product.

What date do you project the 3-8 facility will be ready for use by our students?

The new facility is projected to be open during the spring/summer of 2017 weather depending.


Will the construction traffic use the same entrance/exit at the high school/Wilcox? Related, will there be any impact noise level/parking situation/etc. for these buildings during the construction phase? How will the construction effect residents that live near the school?

The construction traffic will most likely have two ways to access the site. One will be from Center Ridge Road and the second will be from Bainbridge Road. We have communicated that this is in a residential area, and that we need to be respectful of the residents. With any construction project there is going to be additional noise, but we will work to keep that at a minimum. Any impact in parking will be handled as we get closer to the construction phase of the project. UPDATE: A site utilization plan will be developed by the Construction Manager. This will determine how the construction workers plan on utilizing the site, coordinate with school traffic and also work with the city in regards to safety and time.


When should we begin to see construction progress on the school and/or stadium? I realize we need to be thoughtful/deliberate and careful with this process, but also want those in charge to be pushing to keep the timeline shorter (or shrinking) instead of stretching out for years. The community needs to know there is urgency/purpose at every level of the project (time and money spent).

The construction phase should begin around March 2015. (This is all dependent on Mother Nature of course.) It is definitely not our goal to stretch this project out for years. However, this is a large project with many components that requires careful planning and design. We have expressed that we want the facility to be operational during the 2016-2017 school year.


Will the new stadium have a structure for the marching band to use for serving 3rd Quarter snack? At each home game band boosters provide drink and snack to both the visiting and NRHS bands. Currently 10+ coolers of drinks , snack , tables and tents need to be carried to the back of the stadium. Then torn down. A hut or structure with electricity where items can be stored and used to serve at time 300+ students rain or shine would be ideal!

Specific areas will be decided upon during the design phase. There will be several opportunities for parents/residents/staff to weigh in on the design of the building. Our architect will be a large part of these conversations.


Why wouldn't money going to fix existing schools go to Wilcox renovations so as to have a "campus" of all students instead of them being spread throughout the city? It would save money for maintenance and administration to have everyone in one place. It would also make it easier to secure with less resources.

It is the District’s goal to have a “central campus”. You are correct that it would save money by having all of our resources in one place. A Facilities Planning Committee was formed a few years ago to determine how to address the school facilities. This committee was made up of residents, businesses owners, staff, parents and city leaders. After the committee looked at several options it was decided that a building a new school for grades 3-8 and taking Fields Sweet, Wilcox Elementary and the Middle School out of operation. The OFCC determined that renovating Wilcox would be too expensive and recommended its demolition.


Are you going to pursue LEED certifications? It seems that if we have the budget now we should use it to keep ongoing costs low in the future.

YES! The new facility will be at least Silver LEED Certified.


Will the new school have a place for a theatre performance so we don't have to use the Education Center?

The new facility will have a better performance space that will allow for more people. This space will allow for more people than the Education Center currently does. Additional spaces such as  production spaces and prop rooms will also be included in the new facility to enhance the performance space.


Can you provide us with done dates of when the....

Stadium will be built?

New school opening?

When will the old school be torn down?

The new school should open during the spring/summer of 2017 school year. It is our goal to have the stadium operational for the 2015 fall season. The fall of 2015 is the year that North Ridgeville starts competing in the new athletic conference, and it would be nice to start that off in the new stadium. The old school buildings will not be demolished until after all of the construction is complete and we are moved in and operational. Demo of the old buildings will be the last part of the project.


Will we have a partnership with Cleveland Clinic or the YMCA?

The District is currently exploring the opportunities for community partnerships. Any partnerships will be released when they become finalized.


Will the new 3-8th grade building have special needs classrooms?? Will they be grouped together, or separated by grade levels??

Yes, there will be spaces to serve our special needs students! Their specific location and layout will be determined when we have a specific floor plan of the facility.


Will the younger kids be separate from the older kids in the new building? I'm a little concerned with such a wide age range in this new school. Developmentally, there is a big difference between 3rd and 8th graders. The 8th graders are also a lot more socially aware/advanced. Most areas have a separate school for middle schoolers. Can you address this?

Yes! The younger kids will be separate from the older kids during the appropriate times. There may be shared spaces that are used by both the younger and older students, but that will be under supervision. The entire 3-8 facility will operate as different buildings and have different starting and ending times, bus schedules etc. In many places, districts have K-8 schools or in some places even K-12. The district is aware of concerns regarding separation of students and will work to provide an appropriate education for every student.


What will happen to the classrooms at the existing kindergarten building?

The current kindergarten classrooms/building will change to preschool after the new facilities are complete.


What is the grade break down of who goes where and when will these changes take place? What will NREC be used for? Isn't that building in better shape to house kindergarten than Lear North or will it be used for pre-school since ECLC will be out of inventory?

The district stated during the bond campaign that Fields-Sweet Elementary would be taken out of service and that the new facility would serve students in grades 3-8. These two changes would require some reconfigurations in the buildings. Any changes would not take place until the new 3-8 facility is complete and operational.

Fields-Sweet Elementary-out of operation

NREC- Preschool

Lear North Elementary- kindergarten

Liberty Elementary- first and second graders

New Facility- third through eighth graders

Wilcox Elementary- out of operation

Middle School- out of operation

High School-remain the same


What is the projected cost of the stadium? I am hearing 8m is being budgeted for this. I have also heard that some of the other stadiums built have been built for a lot less, like under 5m. I would rather see more money go to the school than the stadium.

What will be done with the money saved by attaching the football stadium to the new school? Can it be put towards a performing arts center which would be more beneficial, impact more students, than a swimming pool. Will there be ample locker room space to accommodate all of the players from the multiple sports and grades? Will there be a bigger weight room so the kids can actually do more than two circuits a session? Will there be ample parking to accommodate more cars? Can we use some of the money to paint the lockers and walls in the high school as is being done in the current middle school?

The cost of the stadium and fieldhouse will not be finalized until the spaces are designed. Currently $8 million is being budgeted for these parts of the project. There have been some conversations with ThenDesign Architects on potential money saving ideas. Any cost savings can be used to enhance learning spaces, or create additional spaces for student use.

Spaces such as parking is all calculated by and determined by the size of the building etc.


Is anything being done to the high school? Are you going to do anything to the high school? I thought the high school needed new things as well.

Money generated by the bond issue will be spent on the new 3-8 school, Ranger Stadium and a new roof on Liberty Elementary.


Will there be a ground breaking ceremony?

Of course! We will want to celebrate this wonderful opportunity with our residents!


What will happen to the current Middle school and stadium property?

The current Middle School building and Ranger Stadium will be demolished after the new facilities are complete and operational. Once those facilities are torn down the school can then put that property up for sale.


Is anything going to be done to address the flooding issues in the existing high school in areas like the band and choir rooms?

ThenDesign Architect has been informed of the flooding issues that North Ridgeville experiences. Storm water management and water run-off will all be studied during the design phase. Retention and detention ponds will be worked into the design as needed.


Where will the new facility for 3rd through 8th grade be located? What is going to happen with the land near Wilcox?

The new facility will be located next Wilcox Elementary where the soybean field is now.

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