Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

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David Pritt

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

5490 Mills Creek Lane
North Ridgeville, OH 44039


The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the following:
  • PreK-12 Curriculum
    • Management/Development of PreK-12 curriculum via Mapping, Standards, Priority Standards, Pacing Guides, etc.
    • Revision of courses of study
    • Curriculum and Instruction Committees
    • Grading and Reporting Systems and Report Card Committees
  • Textbooks
    • Selection and purchasing of textbooks and educational materials
  • Testing
    • Performance Data, Reporting Procedures, Formative Assessments, and Accountability
  • Instructional Programs, Design, Support and Intervention
  • Instructional Technology
  • Professional development
  • Title IX
  • Grants
  • Accountability, Student performance and achievement, and other curriculum related agendas. 
  • Federal Programs
    • CCIP

In North Ridgeville City Schools we are working hard to ensure each student is achieving and performing deep understanding in relation to State Standards. Standards-based  education is a process for planning, delivering, monitoring and improving academic programs in which clearly defined academic content standards provide the basis for content in instruction and assessment. Professional development is an important component to ensure that teachers are following the state standards and utilizing the latest in technology and curriculum to offer students the most challenging work in class. A large component of Curriculum and Instruction now also relates to state mandated assessments and accountability. The state requires numerous achievement tests covering the core subject areas. The district has to follow tight restrictions on the administration of tests, the collection of completed tests and the final analysis on the results. 

State Standards are clearly defined statements of what all students are  expected to know and be able to do.  The provided link will direct you to The Ohio State Standards.

Homework Help, Research Tools and College Planning For Students
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Dear Parents,
The district is working very hard to make sure our students are achieving high standards in mathematics.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  You will find many links to math resources, standards and activities above and along the side margins of the Curriculum and Instruction Page.  The SMART Consortium plays a big role in math and science achievement in this area of the state and is one of our partners.  Their web site is:  The SMART Consortium represents the collective efforts of more than 50 northeast Ohio school districts to foster continuous, dramatic improvement in science and mathematics teaching and learning.  In the documents and forms column you will find parent guides for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Please use these the resources on this page to help your child achieve and master high standards in math.  Thank You.


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On-Line Textbooks and District Adopted Curriculum Resources

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