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About North Ridgeville City Schools

“Building on Success - One Individual at a Time!”

Our Community

Located 25 miles west of Cleveland, the North Ridgeville City Schools are part of the rich history in this community of over 28,000 residents. A close working relationship with residents and good financial management enables the district to continue to make gains in student performance and educational programming. The School District is one of 614 school districts in the State and 14 in Lorain County. We provide education programs and services to over 4,000 students in a community experiencing sustained growth in new housing and business.

Quality Education

We continue to focus our resources on education and student learning through our Strategic Continuous Improvement Plan (located on the right). Teachers, parents, residents and administrators use this process at both the District and Building levels. Diverse curriculum supports the arts, college prep, business education, career technology and offers opportunities to earn college credit while attending high school. At the kindergarten level we offer families both full day and half day programs. The Ranger Academy program at the high school offers an alternative educational setting to help qualified students earn high school credits and graduate on time.

State Report Cards

Ohio is changing the way it measures and rates the performance of schools and districts. The 2012-2013 school and district report cards will grade schools and districts on a mix of new and previously used items with an A-F letter-grade system. Schools and districts will no longer receive labels like “Excellent” or “Continuous Improvement.” In its place, they will receive letter grades on several measures in the same way a student receives grades for his or her classes. The new report card will be phased in over several years, with additional grades being calculated each year. Current report cards can be viewed on the right.

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